Blue Light Therapy Vs Acne?

Blue Light Therapy Vs Acne?


After having decent knowledge on blue light and blue light therapy and how blue light therapy can treat acne breakouts conditions. I am willing to try any pain-free treatment and, it doesn’t cost an arm or leg. Especially it only takes about six treatments and with a maintenance treatment once every six months. 

Patients can choose to perform blue light therapy at home, but if you are looking for more aggressive treatment, it is best to be done in the office by a professional. 

What is blue light therapy? 

It uses blue light to treat skin conditions that are already present or appear just underneath the skin. Blue light therapy treatment is a treatment consist of a pain-free and non-invasive procedure. It uses the blue-light wavelength range of 405-420nm to kill the P.acnes bacteria on the skin. 

How does blue light therapy treat acne?

Blue light therapy will eliminate the bacteria in the pores, which will reduce inflammation on the skin, as P. acnes are sensitive to blue light.

The blue light kills and damages the acne-causing bacteria, which will eliminate the bacteria in the pores. The name of the acne-causing bacteria is propionibacterium acnes. Propionibacterium acnes bacteria mostly live in the oily areas of our pores, which leads to the development of angry, red, swollen pimples on the skin. 

The wavelength of the blue light has the properties of the antimicrobial effect, allowing it to kill bacteria that causes acne in our pores.  

What is the procedure involved? 

The specialist will apply the drugs known as photosensitizing agents to the targeted areas of the skin. The light will then be exposed to the targeted areas to activate the drugs to destroy the targeted damaged skin cells for a determined amount of time. Depending on your skin conditions, the specialist will adjust the time to suit the skin for the treatment. 

After treatment: 

After treatment, you may experience red, swollen and mildly bruised or blistered at the areas that the medications have been applied. The skin may peel and crust for the next week or two, which is normal. 


Light therapy is safe and effective, which can be done at home or at a beauty clinic by a specialist. It takes about two or six sessions for a complete treatment. After the treatment, you may experience flaky and crusty skin for a week or two, which is normal. 

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