Blue light is bad? Blue Light Therapy Comes To The Rescue

Blue light is bad?  Blue Light Therapy Comes To The Rescue

Recently, on top of being cautious with the UV ray, we already know that it causes skin cancer and other skin conditions, which we would like to avoid. Blue light has come into our concern research shows that exposure to blue light, even as short as 60 minutes, may lead to a change in our skin cells. DNA damage, tissue and cell injury and death lead to eye damage, skin damage, and photo-aging. 

However, we have also heard about using blue light therapy to treat sun damage and acne and skin cancer conditions. 

What is blue light therapy? 

Blue light therapy is a treatment that uses photodynamic therapy and, it can also be known as PDT. Blue light therapy uses photosynthesising drugs and high-intensity light to activate them. 

Blue light therapy can consider being a pain-free procedure to treat cancerous or precancerous conditions, acne conditions and other skin conditions. The use of natural violet and blue light is an alternative treatment. Blue Light therapy can only treat conditions already present on the skin or just underneath the skin. 

On top of treating skin disorders, research also believes that blue light therapy can treat depression, seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Blue light therapy will be used to adjust the condition. 

Is blue light therapy effective?

Blue light therapy is effective when patients follow up with the appointments. Each procedure may take between 15 minutes-90 minutes, depending on the surface area that needs treatment. 

It usually takes about 1-6 treatments, depending on the skin conditions and follows up with maintenance treatment every six months.

Side effects after treatment? 

After the treatment session, our skin might be red, swollen, and be sensitive to light. We may experience dryness, and the skin may start to peel. It takes up to 7 days to clear up with dryness of the skin and takes around 14 days to resolve the peeling skin on the treated area of the skin. 


Blue light is bad for our health, but blue light therapy is fabulous for treating skin disorders. Blue light therapy is an effective and pain-free procedure, with no long term effects or scarrings left from doing the treatment if the treatment is performed professionally. 

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