Large Pores- How Can I Minimise Them?

Large Pores- How Can I Minimise Them?

NZ is now on level 3 lockdown, and I still need to stay home, but life is easier because I can takeaways are available. Groceries shopping will be easier, as I don’t need to stand in the queue for as long as I had to during level 4 lockdown. Online shopping deliveries will take longer now as I can imagine how busy the warehouse people are with all the orders.

New Zealand is now in spring, and spring is the best time for us to increase the retinol in your daily skincare. Now is the best time to start this routine now to minimise the size of your pores. For people who have oily skin, having large pores are always one of the skin concerns.

Having large pores cannot be permanently treated, but we can minimise the appearance of the pores. Our genetics determine the size of our pores, and the only solution to minimise the appearance of our pores is to keep them clean and unclogged.


Keeping our pores clean is essential to minimise the size of our pores. Maintaining clean pores is to use a gentle cleanser and wash our face twice a day, every morning and evening. Exfoliate our skin regularly, use a gentle facial scrub 2-3 times a week to eliminate the oils and dead skin cells to avoid clogged pores, and use a clay mask to deep cleanse the pores. When washing our face, use lukewarm water and not hot water because hot water may irritate our skin.

Moisturised & Protected:

Make sure you use moisturiser daily and wear sunscreen. Moisturiser and sunscreen are crucial to maintain healthy skin and prevent damage to our skin. Choose a gel-based or a water-based moisturiser and sunscreen to avoid adding oils into our pores. If you are not sure how to choose then, look for the word non-comedogenic. Non-comedogenic mean unlikely to clog pores hence the chances of having breakouts when using the product is low.


Adding retinol into the skincare routine will help to minimise the appearance of our pores by creating a comedolytic agent to prevent the formation of comedones. Retinol or vitamin A is always in my skincare routine because it’s great for correcting skin problems, like keeping pores unclogged, acne, wrinkles, and increase elastin and collagen production in our skin.

My Spring Skincare:

Those are the products that I use daily, and there are also other masks that I use 2- 3 times a week depends on what my skin craves.

Treatment & Masks:

The retinol treatment from La Clinica is only twice a week because it’s very active, it causes my skin to peel. I tried using it three times in a row back when I was having severe breakouts. Overusing it is not a good idea because I can feel my skin is burning as if the whole piece of skin on my face is peeling off. The other masks are very gentle yet effective, so using them 2-3 times a week is great for the skin.


The size of the pores on our skin is determined by our genetics. We can’t make them disappear, but we can minimise the appearance of the pores. To minimise them, we need to keep our pores cleared, moistured, and protected. Ensure the ingredients in our skincare products are non-comedogenic and gentle to the extent that they don’t irritate our skin.

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