What Do You Use After A Long Day On Your Legs?

Auckland is still under level 4 lockdown until next Tuesday. I like to give all Aucklanders a big thumbs up. Especially mothers, you are doing an incredible job! For every lockdown, mothers have to become a maid, a teacher, and a mum in standby mode twenty-four hours a day, at least for two weeks in a row at no extra payment.

Talking about the amount of time I have to be on our feet and the physical work I had to do when I can’t get takeaways and keeping the children entertained when she had enough with her electronic device. It’s a 9 am-9 pm work, continuously and meticulously working in different roles, maid and a teacher, or as a working mother and her playmate. By the end of each day, my whole body aches.

The last two days, the aches in my body are getting unbearable, not by the amount of pain. It’s more like slow torture, where the aches grow everywhere in the body, and it weighs the body down and making me feel heavy and sloppy. Especially with my legs, I can feel the heat in the muscles. Applying an ice pack on the muscles isn’t too ideal with this weather because it is still a little too cold to use an ice pack on muscles. I also don’t want to use a heat rub either because the muscles are not injured and pulled, and I just need a soothing ointment to calm the muscles down. I went online to seek advice and to comfort my soul because I thought I had Covid Delta. Then I realised it was the aches in my body was just a symptom of the Covid vaccine. That was such a relief because I never felt this uncomfortable before, but the muscles tension and the aches in the muscles were from overworking myself.

A massage with paracetamol treated those aches and the uncomfortable heaviness. Having a massage at the end of the day is now a bedtime ritual. A good massage would help to improve the quality of sleep at night. I find it difficult to fall asleep when I am overtired, I bathe my legs in magnesium salt. Magnesium salt or Epsom salt bath assists with muscles relaxation because after being on our feet for the whole day, the muscles get tight, and it sometimes disturbs my usual sleeping pattern. Lately, I have found a new product to relieve my muscles tightness and muscles tension. It’s a lot simpler than bathing my legs, a cream that I could easily apply directly onto my legs and give my legs a little massage to relieve the muscles tightness to improve my sleep at night.

I have found this leg gel, which I could apply directly onto my tired legs and tight muscles. It’s an alcohol-free gel that consists of natural ingredients such as; wild mint, horse chestnut, eucalyptus, and peppermint oil. This leg gel is to assist with soothing the pain and stimulate tired and achy muscles. What I like about it the most is the texture of the gel because it’s not sticky. For ladies, if you wear stockings to work, the gel can be applied directly over your stockings to relieve and revive your tired legs.

As a mother myself, when I purchase a product, there are three points that I would always have to consider. First, it’s the worth of the product as I prefer a product that works, rather than getting a cheap product that doesn’t work. Second, it has to be beneficial and made from natural ingredients suitable for the whole family. Lastly, it has to be safe tested by a dermatologist. The company that makes the product must have an excellent reputation and good intentions. Be consistent with its missions, and yet must be responsible for the source and the environment.

Let’s all contribute a little to build a brighter future for all the children around the world. Every sale of the epoch product Nu Skin will donate US$0.25 to the Force for Good Foundation. Let’s discover the Epoch range now!

epoch IceDancer

Refreshes and revives your legs. Whether you’re working or playing, time spent on your feet can leave your legs feeling exhausted.

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