Gift Ideas For Daddy This Father’s Day

I’ll be sharing some Father’s Day gift ideas according to my own father’s preference and his age. There are a few ideas that came up to my mind to put together for him. I will be getting him a few men’s grooming products, along with health supplements to support his ageing health.

I will start with his daily grooming products with a new anti-dandruff shampoo. First, I will replace his shampoo with Nu Skin Epoch Anti-Dandruff shampoo. He said he needs to wash his hair every day to reduce the oiliness and flakiness. The other thing he needs to start using something that is pH balanced for his skin. I have also come to notice that he is also getting dry, flaky skin. I believed it was caused by using a soap that ranges on the alkaline side. Though it cleanses well, on the other hand, it will damage our natural skin mantle. It may result in different skin conditions, such as dry, flaky skin, eczema, red-itchy skin, The importance of pH for our skin. I found this perfect product when I experimented with it earlier this year. That would be the Nu Skin Soap Bar, ‘PH level test on 3 different types of cleansing bars that I’ve used in the past

The second product I will put in his gift basket is a massage cream that will relieve his muscles pain and aches. I found just the right product for him, the Epoch® Firewalker® Relaxing Foot Cream. It uses the natural ingredients from the Hawaiian ti plant extract (Cordyline terminalis) and Babassu oil (Orbignya phalerata). Those ingredients are combined to provide a soothing effect by cooling down the aches and keeping his foot moisturised.

Great For Dads and Our Future

Treat dad while I can, while he is still around for us. I am so blessed that I can still celebrate father’s Day. Daddy is always a hero in my heart, though he might be loud and being as unreasonable as my soon to be seven years old daughter. From the bottom of my heart, he is unique and irreplaceable. The products that I chose as his gifts are more than gifts. It’s also to help with building a better future for all the children around the world. Every sale of the Epoch product, Nu Skin will donate US$0.25 to the Force for Good Foundation. The Force for Good Foundation is a non-profit organisation that has the mission to improve children’s health, education, economic circumstances, offering hope for a brighter future.

Be a Force for Good


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