Fathers Day Gift Ideas!

Father’s Day is coming in a few days, and it’s NZ is still under lockdown. Online shopping is the only way to get him a gift for this Father’s Day. In previous years I would take him to have a meal in the restaurant. Taking him out for dinner this year is impossible, so our home sweet home will be where we will celebrate Father’s Day this year.

This year Father’s Day will be on Sunday the 5th September 2021. That gives me good five days to think about what my dad would like to receive for this year Father’s Day gift. Due to the nature of my father’s personality, he prefers practical presents to fancy ones that he can’t enjoy in his daily life.

According to my observation during this lockdown, I think he is ageing a lot compared to last year. I was thinking about something to boost his health internally. Due to his ageing condition, he is not as groomed as he was. He used to be very particular with his grooming products back a few years ago. Now, he uses whatever he can find from the supermarket. That somehow makes me feel uncomfortable about the truth that he is ageing both physically and internally.

For this Father’s Day, health supplements will be something that he might need from my point of view. I need to find a health supplement that will help with boosting his energy and vitality. From experience when choosing a health supplement, safety is my first concern. We want to be safe when we consume the product to maintain our health product has clinically proven report by a trusted third party with a scientific background for its effectiveness. The third fact is the sustainability of the product. It will offer the same result under different temperatures, and each batch of products are made under the same standard to maintain the quality of the product.

I will also be getting him some of his grooming products from the Nu Skin Epoch line. They use natural ingredients in the products and, it also has a programme to build a better future for all the children around the world. Nu Skin will donate US$0.25 to the Force for Good Foundation from every sale on Epoch products.

Creating smiles is something I love doing and will never stop doing so. I’m starting to feel the happiness of helping others on my affordable budget. Every little bit counts, every little bit put together can create many smiles.

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