Personal Development Version 2.0

It has been five months since the last time I wrote about my personal development, Personal development. It is time to update my current personal development. I have restarted some of my goals and, I overcame a couple of challenges within these five months and how far am I to my yearly goal. 

1: My 2021 goal was to start saving for a vacation in 2024.
I have worked out all I need to do is to put away $50 a week.

2: Start My Blogging Career
I need to generate 3 posts per week

3:I have spare 20 hours per week to go going out to work as a skincare and health advisor

On top of making some money to pay for our daily living, I need to keep myself up to date with both the new product knowledge and improving my customers consulting experience.

The above goals are the three career-related goals that I have set for myself this year. I have to say that I have done better than I expected so far. I am also proud to say that I have time for myself and spare time for my daughter. I can tell that she is delighted whenever we hang out together. Our bonds are getting stronger every time we spend our time together. She kept saying: “Mummy, this is the best day I ever have had for a long time. Can we do this more often?” I was a full-time worker for the past three years. Sometimes I have to work seven days straight a week during the busy period. It left me with no spare time for myself and my daughter.

After I set those goals, I can deeply feel that life is fun, there is something to work for and something to look forward to every morning. The word “work-life balance” used to mean I must work hard to get my life balanced. That is true, but it also depends on how I “work”. Now the phrase has a completely different meaning for me. Now I am taking it as our life will be balance if we work hard and work smart.

My daily schedule

To achieve those goals, I do my daily plan every night before going to bed. I currently finding this method has turned me into a very productive person. I only come to realise that how much each minute is worth when I write it down. I was struggling at the start of the year with scheduling my daily plan. I was overbooking myself to a time slot and stumbled on my schedule, like only allowing myself 30minutes for a return trip when doing our weekly groceries shopping, a very tight schedule. I barely got anything done with that type of planning. Then over another period, I stopped doing my daily schedule and decided to do a freestyle, do what I felt like doing that day. Then I realised I wasn’t getting far nor producing any good content for my social media posts, and I wasn’t learning anything new to contribute to my blogging career. After eights months of going through all those difficulties and working out how I could be using my time wisely and productively, I have now found a way to plan my day and also discovered I, myself work, and how I spend my time during the day. I designed a schedule that works custom to my body clock in my flow.

My morale to myself is don’t push yourself too hard, don’t make your plan or set your goals according to your ideal self. Set your goal to direct you to who you want to be and where you want to be in the future. Be true to yourself take it easy as long as we are working towards it. Our goals will get achieved, and it is ok to be slower than others. We don’t need to compare ourselves with others. We only have to be at our best, be comfortable in our own body and be confident with ourselves.

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