A Dream That I have Since I Was a Child

Do you ever remember the dream that you had ever since you were a child? Yes! I do, and I am working towards it diligently. My dream is to have a job that I can travel the world at the same time still able to provide me with a good stable income that allows me to have my needs and wants without needing to think and worry about when would my next meal be, and at the same time also able to help other communities to improve their daily living as providing them with their basics along with helping them to offer more education to children and young adults in the community so they could use the knowledge to support themselves and their community in the future.

This dream has been tattooed deep into my soul, ever since a child I have had a very rich imagination. I always imagined there is a way of earning income without needing to spend my time or needing me to be around physically. Though I have never talked to anyone about my dream, I have been working towards it silently and diligently every day. I am not one of those people who expresses my feelings and thoughts out, but I use the action to show my persistence and that is the only way that allows me to achieve my goal and make my dream come true.

Even nowadays, the easiest way to earn an income is either to go out to work or work from home. Either way, we are selling our skills, time and knowledge to either our customers or boss every day to exchange for income. I mean going out to work is fabulous, it’s nothing wrong or shameful about it, don’t be wrong. It’s just me, I am a person who likes to work with electronics and like to be connected to people around the globe.

Even now I still go need to go out to work as a part-timer to maintain a stable income to maintain a healthy living and healthy mental health. Though I’ll be mostly active online, I still need to do some physical face to face socialise with people so I won’t be missing out on what’s going on around the world and be lost in my little cyber world. Though with my current situation I can’t offer much to the community, I do my best by donating a bag of Vita-meal every month as well as trying to purchase products that support s other charities as well. I know that every little bit counts.

A bag of Vitameal is NZD 33, and it contains all the vitamins and minerals that are scientifically formulated to provide a good balance of nutrients and vitamins to maintain a healthy diet for children who suffer from hunger. Each bag of Vitameal contains 30 meals, therefore it allows me to feed 30 children every month. Every donation counts, don’t underestimate our donation no matter how small it is, it means a lot to those children and their families. Vitameal has donated 650millions meals since 2002, nourish the children with love and care.

Nourish The Children, Nourish My Mind!

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