Multi-Awarding Winning Device

Hi everybody! Today I would like to discuss about “ageLoc Lumispa”, my favourite facial cleansing device. For me, it’s better than other cleansing devices available out there. It’s more than just a cleansing device, it also provides other seven skin benefits in just two minutes.

In other cleansing devices, the bristles on the device could damage your skin by the harshness and the movement of the brush head.
The other fact is there are no replacement heads so users need to replace the whole device or use it until the end of its life. When I think about the dirt, bacteria and wear and tear, I can imagine all the trapped dirt, impurities and bacteria in the heads. What I like about Lumispa is we can replace the head every three months. The manufacture recommends users replace the treatment every three months for the best benefits. Lumispa can be used with three different treatment heads to suit different skin types and various skin conditions.

One device for the whole family!

The result that I get from using Lumispa has convinced me to stick to this device. It wasn’t just me who can see the difference in my skin. I also get compliments from friends and family about the improvements in my acne condition. My skin was visibly clearer, smoother and the size of my pores got smaller. On top of improving the acne conditions, my skin also gets softer and bouncier than in the previous years.

That was the first picture I took! That was the result of 12 weeks of using lumispa.
This is me now! both photos were taken in July 2021. Left picture: with makeup. Right picture: no makeup not even filter This result was achieved after 2 years of using Lumispa.

Have to be honest with you I do love this cleansing device. I have been using the device for two years straight and will be using it forever unless Nu Skin makes a better one. I see a big difference between my skin texture and my acne. I wouldn’t say my skin has completely cleared up, but it’s clearer, brighter and smoother. I am impressed with your skin at the moment as I am more definitely feeling more confident with myself. That has made a big difference to both my social life and my career. I would have never thought of getting such an improvement by a facial cleansing device. I have spent large amounts of money to get my skin treated at a few beauty clinics, but none of them works.

You have tried everything recommended to you by your GP and your beauty therapists, but none of them works. I would suggest you slow down and look at your skincare regime, especially with your cleanser. I would also recommend you do a pH test on your facial cleanser to see if it’s around the scale of pH 5.5. That’s the pH of our natural skin mantle. More info about the cleanser pH, pH test on cleansers

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