Those Things About Acne

We understand that we do get acne from time to time we don’t know how to prevent them. Even though we are doing our best to prevent acne from forming, here are some facts on what causes acne and how they get developed.

According to research, acne takes around 2-6 weeks to develop. Never assume that our zits appear out of nowhere. Our pores accumulate all the dirt, oils and impurities in our pores before the zits get formed. As the diagram below has shown, when whiteheads appear on our skin,
it’s a sign for us to start reducing the whiteheads to prevent them from forming pimples.

The causes of acne are when the pores get clogged up with sebum, oils, impurities and dead skin cells. If we don’t exfoliate our skin regularly or use the right product to cleanse our skin and not cleaning our skin accurately, it will cause our pores to get clogged up. When the whiteheads get inflamed, then the angry red pimples will appear on our faces.

Ladies do tend to get more breakouts around the time of the month due to hormonal reasons. For me, I notice that it only appear around my jawlines. When our hormones fluctuate, our sebaceous glands tend to produce more sebum to keep our skin hydrated. When our skin produces more sebum, our pores get clogged up faster than our normal state.

The other factor that could cause acne is our diet research shows that intake of high carbs food could lead to an increase in insulin levels and an increase in blood sugar which leads to the development of acne. There is a saying that “we are what we eat”, We all know that. Sometimes we really can’t control our diet, due to our lifestyle. For me, being able to eat two healthy meals per day would be something that I would pat myself on the back.

Many factors can cause acne, we have to keep our eyes on our daily skincare routine. Especially with our facial cleansing products and reduce any unnecessary carbs in our diet. I know it won’t be easy, but from my own experience, it’s WORTH IT!

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