Which Collagen Supplement Should I Get?

Nu Skin Pharmanex has revealed that they will release a collagen supplement sometime in June 2021. Clinical research has proven that women who have taken the bioactive collagen peptides for over sixteen weeks have seen a significant improvement in their appearance.

Yes, it’s bioactive collagen peptides, which means it’s a collagen peptide featuring unique peptides that acts as “fingerprint” or the key to stimulate collagen and elastin formation effectively. Collagen peptides are not created equal, but with “Pharmanex Beauty Focus™ Collagen+ “VERISOL®” has shown to have the highest stimulatory effect to all collagens tested and has confirmed that in human clinical studies showing improvements in skin elasticity and reduced wrinkles.” This collagen plus is different from other collagen peptides that are available on the market. Pharmanex ensures that the collagen peptides serve the consistent result of the “fingerprint” in every batch that allows them to bind to collagen receptors effectively and enhance your complex.

Furthermore, Pharmanex Beauty Focus™ Collagen+ also used other ingredients such as lutein and wheat lipid extract to provide antioxidants to preventing moisture from evaporating. Lutein provides an antioxidant property -carotenoid to help protect our skin from oxidative stressors, phytoceramides- wheat lipid extract to strengthen our skin barrier function so our skin can stay healthy and hydrated.


I will try the Pharmanex- Beauty Focus Collagen+ when they launch the product. The collagen peptides of the Beauty Focus source from bovines, which means it will be rich in collagen type I and type III. It will have the benefit on our complex as well as our joints and bones. Research showed that the collagen from bovine is the closest collagen to human collagen. The other two ingredients used in the product also caught my eyes because I have never seen these ingredients in any beauty supplements.

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