Show Your Skills, Bring Your Knowledge Out!

Have you been asked or sincerely invited by a friend or a family member to do them a favour? When they asked to help, it sounded as if it’s a complicated technical task, but it was as just as easy as shutting it down. I felt great when I could help with the queries and difficulties that they have. Furthermore, I felt satisfied and being valued when I got asked to give out a helping hand. The feeling makes me want to help more people under my capability and affordable circumstances.

Each time I solved an issue or a query for a friend or a family member, I felt delighted because it raised my self-esteem higher and gaining more confidence within myself. The best part is people around me are starting to value my skills and opinions and respecting me for who I am.

I used to think the skills and knowledge within us are so basic, any human being would know. Believe it or not, it’s not true because I am currently using basic knowledge and skills to guide people out of the troubles they are facing, which I have already gone through in the past. I recalled my experience to let my clients and friends know that I have been through it by describing all the facts that we both have in common and then how to tell the client the process and how I overcome the issues.

Be kind and generous, spread your knowledge and skills to guide people who needed our help. Remember, it’s not all about education but from previous experience and life lessons. Just like our grandparents will have more life experience than knowing the facts about the latest technology.

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