One Extra Step To Keep Winter Chills Away

What is the first thing that comes into your mind when winter comes? For me, it’s time to run to a chemist or a health store to get some Vitamin C with some echineature to keep the family members immune system up so it could fight the colds, viruses and allergies. I mainly suffer from hay fever and asthma every autumn and winter. After working in a health store for over three years, I came across a few products that I would like to recommend to the wonderful mums out there who may suffer from hay fever and other winter ills and chills problems. 

I know that falling sick or not feeling well is something that a mum would avoid at all cost. When we fall sick, we know we will pass it on to our kids sooner or later. What is even worst is, regardless of how we are feeling we can’t take a lot of rest or break from our daily house chores, so staying on top of the viruses, colds and cases of flu can’t be any better.

The supplement that I would recommend is the Reishi mushroom supplement. Reishi mushroom is known as Lingzhi in Chinese. Reishi Mushrooms are used to treat infections and enhance our immunity for over 2000 years within Asian countries. Reishi mushrooms contain tiny spores that are locked inside the mushroom that benefits our immune system. Studies also found that the Reishi mushrooms also have many other great benefits such as; 

  • anti-inflammatory
  • high blood pressure and cholesterol
  • antioxidant
  • may help to defeat cancer
  • liver health
  • altitude sickness
  • may combat seizures
  • heart function
  • depression and fatigue

Reishi mushrooms are grown in a dark, heavily dense environment. There are about 62 types of Reishi mushrooms. The most common 6 types of Reishi mushrooms are; red, purple, blue, yellow, black and white. The red Reishi have been scientifically evaluated to have the highest quality extract. 

ReishiMax is the supplement that I would never miss between the seasons autumn, winter and spring, as it has major improved my immunity. I have realised that I am pretty much no longer need to carry my asthma inhaler around with me all the time, as it’s all well kept under control. I didn’t take any sick leave in the last two years, which was when I initially started to take the supplement daily to support my immune system.

I choose Pharmanex Reishi Max GLp is because it sourced from the red Reishi mushroom.

• Pharmanex® uses the red Reishi in ReishiMax GLp because it yields the highest quality extract and has been subjected to extensive scientific evaluation.

The other reason that made me choose Pharnamex- Reishi Max GLp is because they have strong ethics. Regarding both the effectiveness and safety of the consumers. With every Pharmanex product, they all have the 6S Quality Process. Those elements are as mentioned below:

  • selection
  • sourcing
  • specification
  • standardisation
  • safety
  • sustainability

We need to be extra careful when it comes to health supplements. It will be something that we will be taking in our daily life to boost and support our health. When our daily nutrients cannot give us enough minerals and vitamins that we need, health supplements are the best thing we could take to top up on the minerals and vitamins that we are missing. On top of being effective with its purpose, it must be safe to take for a long-term run.

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