Lumispa Cleansing Device

Lumispa is currently an advanced facial cleansing device on the market. It features the bi-phasic motion to massage that will de-stress our skin and offer seven skin benefits in just two minutes.

-minimized appearance of pores
-refreshed look
-renews the appearance of skin’s volume and tightness

I’ve been getting compliments on my skin from friends and family. They said they noticed a significant change in my skin. It got clearer, brighter and smoother, and I said thanks to Lumispa most advanced cleansing device. It involves a hi-technology and scientific-based, inspired by gene expression studies and skin protein production. It’s been dermatologist tested.

The device was launch in late 2017, and it proudly won several awards by 2020. I am very impressed with my investment in AgeLoc Lumispa in late 2019 to treat my skin concerns. My skin used to have skin conditions, sensitivity, dryness and yet oily around the T-zone. Before having Lumispa finding the perfect skincare used to be a mission impossible for me.

The reason why I am absolutely in love with Lumispa, it’s the technology with the scientific background of the device. Not to exaggerate, but I think it’s the most advanced facial cleansing device currently available. In the AgeLoc Lumispa, there are three sections to understand, the device, the AgeLoc treatment cleanser, and the treatment heads.

Let’s start with the Lumispa device, designed with micropulse oscillation technology is an action that will purify our pores and draw out all the pollutants and impurities from our skin.

Secondly, the factor is the importance of its treatment cleansers. They use the AgeLoc technology in treatment cleansers to promote anti-aging, healthy, youthful, and radiance-looking skin. They are specifically made to work with Lumispa for precise, cushioned cleansing and interaction with our skin. The treatment cleansers are made with the right texture and viscosity to work with the treatment heads to effectively glide and grip over the skin for optimal treatment and cleansing benefits. There are five treatment cleansers available to suit every skin type. 

AgeLoc Lumispa Treatment Cleansers
Acne, Dry, Normal/Combo, Oily, Sensitive

Lastly, Ageloc Lumispa Treatment Heads are made with a medical-grade silicone surface to promote a dynamic, smoother, softer feeling skin. The treatment heads are more hygienic compared to other brush heads. The benefits are easier to clean, contain antimicrobial material to fight against bacteria.

The treatment heads are available in three options to accommodate various skin types. Acne-prone skin or sensitive skin, it’s best to choose the sensitive head. The Normal treatment is suitable for most skin types. The firm treatment head is perfect for those who suffer from super oily skin and resilient skin. Scientists also recommend replacing the treatment head every three months for the optimal benefits of our skin.

From left to right: sensitive/ gentle head, normal head, firm head

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  1. […] I don’t usually purchase skincare from drugstores because drugstores never solve my acne and, my skin was hypersensitive due to using too many incorrect products, according to the dermatologist. Then at the end of 2019, I came across a device called Lumispa. That device there changed my life, surprised with the result. Though I still get breakouts from time to time, Lumispa has significantly improved and corrected skin sensitivity condition to combination/oily. I was surprised by the fact that using drugstores products don’t irritate my skin or cause breakouts. That is the problem I used to have before using the Lumispa cleansing device with the treatment cleanser. It’s funny that the Lumispa device with the treatment cleanser cost less than the beauty therapy treatment, but the result is visible within the first 12 weeks of using it. Lumispa Cleansing Device […]


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