Personal development

A week had already gone through March, I always set a monthly goal and a yearly goal to complete. At the start of each month, I will always have a plan or a short term goal that I need to accomplish to lead me to reach my yearly goal. Then at the end of each month, I would do a review on it. The point with reviewing is to guide me with my next short-term goal.

There are four rules that I use to guide me with setting out both long-term and short-term goals. By the end of each timeframe, I will do an overall review to assist me to do better for the next goal-setting. I believe that personal development happens throughout every stage in our lives.

When setting a goal, I will use the SMART rule. This rule enables me to be sure that this goal is achievable and it’s a realistic goal.

S- specific, this goal is simple but yet significant
M- Measurable, which means at the end of the day I can use the information to measure if the goal is accomplished.
A-Attainable, to make sure the goal that I’ve set won’t be giving me too much pressure so that I couldn’t achieve it or it was easily achieve without giving any challenge.
R-Realistic, for me this is the most important fact to think about, a goal must be set in realistic fact where it can be achieved within the time period and the effort that I give.
T- Time, timely, allow enough time to achieve the goal that I set.

I found that this topic could be helpful for people who are not confident about how to achieve their goals. With the SMART goal method to help you set your goal and plan for the goal developments and the step to work towards achieving the goals. Whether it’s a long term goal or a short term goal, we must have a clear, specific to help us to achieve our goals.

I have started using this method to do goal setting since the start of the year. After I quit my full-time position at a health/ beauty store, I got lost as I had never experienced this type of freedom before. I had all day to myself with nothing scheduled. I have to do all my work schedule, which made me very frustrated.

I started my online business and blogging to fulfil my time and share my personal experience regarding skincare products, health products for both mums and bubs. I use the SMART goal method to complete both my personal life and work-life goals.

Another factor that contributes to having to achieve the goal is to review the goals regularly. To ensure that you are on track and you are following the plan. Though the goal review is crucial, remember having a strong “why” behind your goal and keep reminding yourself of “why”, it’s the reason that will motivate you to keep going and accomplish the goals.

The SMART goal method plus your “why” and keep on going back to remind yourself about your goal, “why” is it there, “why” is it essential to complete your goals. I always make notes of the goals that I set, whether I have achieved them or not. If the set goal was complete before its given timeframe, or we achieved it without facing any challenge, that means the goal is too simple. If it was too hard to reach then, we need to set a realistic one in the future.

Overall this is how I keep myself motivated and keep up to date with my goal. I firmly believe that it’s worth keeping ourselves moving forward with our goals and intention. Bring the best out of us!

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