Bio-adaptive worry free ingredients skincare system is on the way to NZ market

After being in the skincare industry for years, I’ve concluded that customers nowadays are very conscious of the ingredients in the products that they use in their daily skincare products.

I have found a line of products that has a list of worry-free ingredients- they will not include the following ingredients:

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What excites me more is that fourteen products will be released to suit the needs of all skin types. Furthermore, they use the new bio-adaptive botanical ingredients, such as; Rhodiola, Maral root, Siberian ginseng, Chaga mushroom and resurrection plant. These bioadaptive blend ingredients are used to protect our skin from daily environmental stressors, pollutions, UV rays and blue light.

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Nutricentials bioadaptive skin care system is to assist our skin with: protect & balance our skin during day time, support repair process overnight, soothes and calm tired skin, promote radiant complexion and help the skin to feel stronger and look healthier.

As stated above, this new bioadaptive skincare has the above benefits along with worry-free ingredients. I will introduce a few fabulous products from this range;

Hydraclean– creamy cleansing lotion, suitable for those has normal/ dry skin

To be clear– pure cleansing gel, best for people who has oily / combination skin

Day Away– micellar beauty water, best for all skin types, rinse free formula, wipe away make ups, dirts, oils and impurities

In balance– ph balance toner: suitable for people who has normal/ dry/ sensitive skin to be used after cleansing, to balance our skin back it’s healthy pH level, shrink our pores and prepare our skin for the next skincare routine

Here you glow- exfoliating toner again to be used after cleansing, this toner is for someone who suffer from oily and acne prone skin. It contains ingredients to a unique blend of hydroxy acids to help clear out blackheads and prevent it from forming and leaving skin healthy and soft.

Day Dream Protective Cream Creamy Day Moisturizer SPF 35: Contains bioadaptive Botanical Complex and Blue Light and Infrared Filtering Blend which helps protect against UV damage, blue light, infrared and other damaging environmental stressors.

Day Dream Protective Lotion Lightweight Day Moisturiser SPF 35: silky moisturiser with SPF 35 has a Blue Light and Infrared Antioxidant Blend, that protects against the effects of blue light and infrared exposure, including discolouration, dullness and premature ageing, with ginger root extract helps skin look vibrant throughout the day.

Thirst Fix Hydrating Gel Cream: oil-free gel cream with a unique Biomimetic Moisturising Complex, provides immediate hydration and 24 hours of continuous long-lasting moisturisation. With botanical extract to help with soothe excessive sebum caused by stressed, and provide a healthy glow.

Dew All Day Moisture Restore Cream: gives all day moisture, made with plant base ingredients to to soothe, soften, smooth, and condition skin

Moisturise Me Intense Hydrating Cream: ultra-luxurious cream that delivers intense moisture, without greasy feeling, keeping skin soft, hydrated and improve skin radiance and luminosity to give a better healthy glow.

Celltrex Always Right– recovery fluid, as the name have already given it to you, this is a serum that could be use by all skin type to assist skin recovery it has a smart hydraflex blend, it provides hydration according to your skin need. Also features bioadaptive blend to assist with protecting your skin from everyday pollutions, late nights.

Those are the products I strongly recommend, as I have used some of them of myself as I find them very gentle for my skin and nourishing. As already mentioned above, this line of bioadaptive skincare system helps combat environmental stressors, protect our skin as well as allowing our skin to repair itself.

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