The Most Important Part Of Our Skincare Routine Is CLEANSING!

Hi to all the gorgeous wonder ladies out there. Happy Mum’s Life Journey is here today to discuss the importance of our daily five steps skincare regime. When I say skincare regime, it includes these five steps. Those are cleansing, toning, serum, moisturising then sunscreen during the day. Then cleansing, toning, serum and moisturising for the evening.
Cleansing is the crucial step to do when it comes to the daily skincare regime.

Cleansing is the most crucial part of the routine to keep our complexion clear and youthful. Therefore we need to be very cautious when we pick our cleanser. We need to make sure it’s gentle yet effective to remove impurities, dirt, and oils from our skin to prevent build-ups that cause breakouts and blackheads but won’t be stripping our skin natural oil.
The best cleanser is one that is pH balance because it won’t damage our natural skin mantle. I’ve mentioned the pH information in my last blog about why we need to choose a pH-balanced cleanser to use on our skin, yet effective to remove all the dirt, oils and impurities from your pores.

My result from three weeks of using a lumispa device with a lumispa treatment cleanser. My skin condition is even better now after a year of using lumispa.

The reason I choose the lumispa device over the other available devices is for a good reason. Lumispa device is an intelligent device that delivers seven skin benefits in just two minutes. It uses its intelligent bi-phasic action to give our skin a facial massage while lifting away all the dead skin cells and impurities. The seven benefits are:

-minimised pores
-refreshed look
-purified skin
-collagen production
-renews/ tightens skin

Lumispa comes with a cleanser treatment of our choice on the first purchase of the device. There are five options to choose from depending on your skin type:

I like the treatment cleansers over other cleansers because they are pH balanced. Secondly, they are formulated with an ageLoc ingredient blend to work precisely with a lumispa device to interact with our skin. It renews our skin without stripping away the natural moisture balance. I’ve tried all of the treatment cleansers, and acne and sensitive treatment cleansers are my favourites. They have a mild scent, and both are gentle on our skin. I didn’t get any irritations or any signs of reactions from using the cleansers compared to other cleansers I’ve used in the past.

With the device, there are three treatment heads to choose from; left to right
-normal- for most skin type
-firm- for oily skin and mature skin
-sensitive- suitable for acne-prone – sensitive skin

These heads are interchangeable to allow us to change them according to our skin’s situation. The treatment heads are made with silicone to suit the right firmness to benefits our skin. They also contain antimicrobial silver for more hygienic and cleaning purposes.

If you are still looking for a facial cleansing device that will give your skin a good deep cleanse and luxurious massage. Along with anti-aging ingredients and technology, I strongly recommend Lumispa because the product gave me an incredible result in three weeks.

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