PH level test on 3 different types of cleansing bars that I’ve used in the past

I did a simple pH experiment with three types of soap bars a few days ago. Two of those soap bars are the ones that I have used in the past, and the Nu Skin Body Bar is the one that we are using currently.

This video is just a simple depiction of the pH level of each cleanser.

As mentioned in the video, the first bar cleanser was a beauty cleansing bar. It’s a goat’s milk soap bar, which has the properties to nourish our skin and support healthy skin.

The second cleansing bar is the Protex soap bar. I use Protex to have
is a well-known soap bar. I remember seeing the advertisement on the TV fifteen years ago. As it was one of the cleansing bars that could kill 99.9% bacterial.

The third soap bar is called the Body Bar cleanser made by the Nu Skin company. It got introduced to me via my friend just over a year ago while I was looking for a cleanser to clear out my acne. It was a non-drying cleanser and also suitable for my hypersensitive skin.

As shown in the video, Nu Skin Body Bar has the same pH level as our skin. I choose Nu Skin Body Bar as my cleanser over the other two cleansing bars Because it maintains our healthy pH level, that the range of pH 5.5 is the optimal pH for our skin. pH 5.5 is slightly more acidic, and it’s to allow the skin to retain its moisture and prevents bacteria growth and other skin conditions such as eczema, sensitive skin, dry, rough skin, flaky skin.

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2 responses to “PH level test on 3 different types of cleansing bars that I’ve used in the past”

  1. […] If your skin condition bothers you and you have tried everything available on market and did all the treatments that were recommended by your beauty therapist but the results weren’t the miracle that you expected or you have been waiting for. Then I would suggest you slow down and have a look at your skincare regime, especially with your cleanser. If you can I would suggest you do a pH test on your facial cleanser to see if it’s around the scale of pH 5.5. That’s the pH of our natural skin mantle. More info about the cleanser pH, pH test on cleansers. […]


  2. […] I will start with his daily grooming products with a new anti-dandruff shampoo. First, I will replace his shampoo with Nu Skin Epoch Anti-Dandruff shampoo. He said he needs to wash his hair every day to reduce the oiliness and flakiness. The other thing he needs to start using something that is pH balanced for his skin. I have also come to notice that he is also getting dry, flaky skin. I believed it was caused by using a soap that ranges on the alkaline side. Though it cleanses well, on the other hand, it will damage our natural skin mantle. It may result in different skin conditions, such as dry, flaky skin, eczema, red-itchy skin, The importance of pH for our skin. I found this perfect product when I experimented with it earlier this year. That would be the Nu Skin Soap Bar, ‘PH level test on 3 different types of cleansing bars that I’ve used in the past.  […]


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