A little bit about myself

I am a mother who loves to work hard and also play hard. I love to share my story with everyone, as I have been working full time for over 3 years and now I have to say I don’t have much friends to share my stories with and that’s when discovered blogging.

Looking back 6 years ago, when I had my daughter I felt that my world is becoming smaller and smaller. No more parties, no more late nights and even sometimes catching up with friends can be really difficult. As she grew older, I knew I needed to get out there, so I went to back to work as a sales assistant at a very nice store that sells health and beauty products.

I worked in that store for 3 years, I loved my time working in there meeting different people, getting to know more about health issues and skin issues and how to maintain our general health and so on. It just very fun, productive and that there are no two days that are the same.

I have left my job this year, for a couple of reasons, the main reason is that, I would like to spend more time with my little princess, I realised that she needs more attention from mummy.

The second reason is, I love sharing daily dose of life between me and my little princess my on social media, to entertain and encourage those full time mothers out there who might be feeling a bit lonely.

I will be sharing some tips on skincare, health, and parenting hood. Even though I don’t admit that I might be best mother on earth, but after going through 6 years of being a mother, I have discovered some good tips and products to make mothers life easier.

Stay tuned and follow me for cool tips to make mum’s life fun!

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