How To Get Ready In Ten Minutes

Hello to all the Wonder Woman out there! Welcome to Happy Mum’s Life Journey’s first blog. My name is Kelly, a mother to a 6-year-old girl. Any mother would know our children steal our time. We rush through everything, not to mention, we rush through our meals, our toilet breaks and even having twenty minutes in the shower is like spending time in paradise.

After six years of battling with the time, I have managed to find some shortcut skills and learn new skills every day to make me look polished in just ten minutes every morning.

First, I will be using my facial cleansing device Lumispa, which only takes two minutes every morning to give my skin seven benefits pamper. I am absolutely in love with this device as I need to use it every morning and evening.

Then I will use my favourite toner on my cleansed skin to balance my skin pH, shrink my large pores and prepare my skin for the next step in the routine. After toner, then followed by serum, moisturiser and lastly sunscreen. Sunscreen is a must-have in our daytime skincare routine. Not only to protect our skin from skin cancer and also prevents premature ageing signs. According to research, over 90% of our skin premature ageing signs are caused by UV rays. Therefore put our sunscreen on even if we are Wonder Woman. There you go, ready in ten minutes!

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